Tuition and Fees for International Students

Resident International Student Expenses 2019-2020

Tuition Fee:  $22,700.00 ** 
Residence Fee:  $9,400.00 [includes meals]
Total:  $32,100.00 
Enrollment Fee:  $4,000.00 [non-refundable; holds place in enrollment]
Application Fee:  $100.00 [non-refundable] 
TOTAL FEES: $36,200.00

** Please note: Health insurance is required, but not included in these fees. If students do not provide proof of accepted insurance within one week prior to arrival, St. Croix may purchase insurance and bill the student appropriately. Incidental costs for students average between $600-$1,000 USD and may include special activities, school supplies, personal items, and entertainment funds. 

Note: During orientation week, St Croix will help new international students establish a bank account at Wells Fargo Bank. Personal money can then be wired from parents to the student’s account. Please do not send personal funds through St. Croix’s account.

Payment Procedures 

The 100 USD non-refundable application fee must be included with the admission application form. Upon receiving the acceptance letter by email, the family must pay the 4,000 USD enrollment fee to hold the student’s place in the enrollment. The remaining fee of 32,100 USD must be paid in full by July 31. Payment is to be made in U.S. currency in the form of a bank draft or a wire transfer. Wire transfer information will be included with acceptance papers. 

In the event the student visa is denied, any tuition or residence fees already paid will be refunded. The application fee and enrollment fee are non-refundable. (Exception: Enrollment fee will be refunded with proper evidence showing proof of visa denial.)

Students who enroll in St. Croix Academy are committed to attending for a minimum of one academic year. Students who withdraw or transfer before this time will not be granted any refund of fees. If a student is asked by the administration to withdraw from St. Croix or if a student transfers, all tuition fees for the current semester are non-refundable, and all boarding fees for the entire year are non-refundable.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required but not included in fees. If students do not provide proof of accepted insurance one week prior to arrival, St. Croix may purchase and bill the student for insurance. 

Weekend Activity Costs

The program includes eight cultural weekend activities per school year. Other weekend activities are also offered for a small additional cost. These activities include:

• Museums, NBA game, MLB game, Theater - 225 USD total

• Ski Trips - 75 USD per visit

• Restaurant Outings - 15 USD per visit

School Activity Costs

Because St. Croix strongly encourages student involvement in co-curricular activities, the cost of most of the 50 available activities is included in the cost of tuition. The following activities have an additional cost:

  • Golf - 200 USD
  • Dance - 300 USD
  • Hockey - 800 USD plus transportation
  • Lacrosse - 500 USD plus transportation
  • Youth in Government - 150 USD
  • Model United Nations - 150 USD

Incidental Costs

Students may want spending money for personal items, school supplies, snacks, etc. 300-700 USD per year.

Laptop or Tablet Device

Students are required to bring a personal learning device. See enrollment forms for specifications. 200-700 USD.

Bank account

During orientation week, St Croix will help new international students establish a bank account at Old National Bank. Personal money can then be wired from parents to the student’s account. Please do not send personal money through St. Croix’s account.

Residence fee includes the following:

• Furnished room: Bed, mattress, desk, chair, mirror, laundry basket, trash can, clothes closet, mailbox

• Meals: Monday-Friday (three meals per day plus afternoon snack); Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and some school vacations (brunch and dinner)

• Linen: Blanket, 1 set of sheets and pillowcases, pillow

• Facilities: Coin-operated washing machine and dryers for laundry, microwave for warming food, refrigerator in dining room, coin-operated vending machine

• Telephone: Students may arrange mobile phone service (i.e. T-Mobile) or Skype using St. Croix wireless.

• Tutorial: Evening study period every weeknight; homework assistance upon request

• Recreation: Student lounge, television, fitness room, gymnasium, outings planned by supervisors

• Computers: Wireless internet connections in all rooms

• Eight cultural and recreational activities, including museums and historical sites. 

• Transportation is regularly provided to shopping malls, theaters, fitness activities, and MSP airport on specific arrival/departure days.

School Vacations - Residence Closing

The residence will be closed for the two-week vacation at Christmas. Some students visit home. If the student wishes, a homestay is available for that vacation. The school will assist in arranging this for a fee of 600 USD for the two-week 


Single Rooms

Single rooms may be available for students who wish to room alone. An additional cost of 4000 USD if available.

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