St. Croix offers housing to regional and international students who wish to enjoy our convenient on-campus accommodations. Our professional student-life staff provides a safe and nurturing environment.

The St. Croix residence program offers a unique opportunity for American and international students to interact, and our international students place a high value on friendships with their native English-speaking peers.

• 152 beds, three floors, six secure, gender-specific houses
• Secure access to dorm entrances, houses, and rooms
• Fully-staffed cafeteria in dorm building
• Student lounge and kitchenette in each house
• Laundry facilities
• Recreation center
• 100% Wireless internet access*

Room Amenities
• Two-person accommodations
• Furniture includes the following:
Storage space

*The strong wireless internet system connects students to important educational resources and to family and friends via email and Skype®.


Breakfast, evening, and weekend meals are provided in the dorm residence dining room. Noon lunches on school days are provided through the school's hot lunch program. The complete cost of food is included in tuition for residence students who are on campus during the regular weeks of school The menu varies each week and includes dishes from around the world. Currently our menu features food from Asian, Hispanic, Italian, American and Mediterranean influences, and is constantly expanding to meet the needs and preferences of our students.


Dorm students have regular access to the school gymnasium, library, weight room, track, tennis courts, lake, commons, auditorium, and the many events going on at St. Croix each day.Resident students are encouraged to take advantage of the many recreational and cultural opportunities available in the Twin Cities area. The campus is within walking distance of a variety of shops and restaurants, and shuttle transportation is available for weekly trips to the mall. Weekend activities include ski trips, concerts, sporting events and cultural offerings. Student activities are monitored according to parents’ wishes, and an online report of student weekend plans is emailed to parents and supervisors.


Six full-time residence supervisors oversee the dormitory with at least two supervisors on duty at all times. They also tend to the day-to-day needs of all dorm students. All dorm residents are responsible for checking in and out with supervisors, and supervisors regularly check on students. Regularly scheduled meetings, special events and celebrations are all a part of residence life.

Afton Sobasky, Class of 2014, D1 Scholarship Athlete, Bradley University
" I’ve been pushed to become a better leader and athlete through (Coach Grev's) commitment to me as an individual and to the team. This has prepared me to be a successful college student athlete. "
- Afton '14